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Training Courses

Our training courses cover web application vulnerabilities, penetration testing, cryptography, secure coding for developers. We also offer a general security awareness class for both technical and non-technical people.


Our basic security courses include a security awareness course for both technical and non-technical people and one that covers the most common vulnerabilities found in web applications


We offer two cryptography courses: an introductory one that presents the main algorithms used in cryptography and an applied one that presents how to make use of common cryptography applications, utilities and protocols.

Penetration Testing

We offer two introductory courses on penetration testing using an intercepting proxy. They both cover the same topics on how to find the common vulnerabilities in web applications. The first one is built around the Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) offered by OWASP. The second one is built around the industry-standard Burp Suite offered by PortSwigger.

Secure Coding

Our secure coding course covers how to use built-in or third-party security mechanisms in order to protect your application and assets from attacks. The course is offered in three different flavors, one for each of the following platforms: Java, .Net and PHP.

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